Citrus Essential Oils- for Emotional Well-Being and Balance

Citrus Essential Oils- for Emotional Well-Being and Balance5/16/2019 0 Comments
“As soon as an odour molecule enters the nose it can positively affect mood, thereby improving emotional well-being, whether through stimulation or relaxation”
-Joanna Hoare

~Reality in

Emotional Well-Being & Balance with Citrus Oils

Citrus essential oilscan be effective physiologically, where they work on the actual physical condition, but also psychologically, where they work with the sense of smell and the effect that it has on the mind.  All of the commonly obtainablecitrus fruit oilsare used in the practice aromatherapy

“I Am Safe” |Affirmations | for a Sexual Abuse Survivor | Part 39.

“Today I no longer inspire to the destruction of self. I am safe by the completion of my being- a greater connection to source.”

~Reality at Balance

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